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Pain relief through Massage!

We Have Dozens of 5 Star Reviews!


Since starting the practice in 1999, we have helped hundreds upon hundreds of clients to achieve a pain free life! We specialize in pain relief, whether chronic or acute, from Motor Vehicle Accidents, Work Related Injuries and Sports Injuries.

“Now I know going in for treatment with Jamin was the best decision I could have made…”

“After a car accident in January, I tried to shake off my stiff neck and headaches by my own will but it was not working. I was then recommended to Jamin by a family member also seeing him for a post-auto accident injury.”– Oakley

 I leave his massage office, I’m already planning when to schedule my next appointment with him…”

“Jamin listens to what you want and then delivers. I like deep heavy massage and he’s really good at that. However, if you need lighter techniques like he provides to my daughter, then he is equally skilled. When I leave his massage office, I’m already planning when to schedule my next appointment with him.”– Dr. Berntsen

“I no longer need my night guard!!!”

“I’ve been dealing with chronic pain after a car accident and I am finally making some improvements by treating with Jamin. I appreciate that he empowers me with knowledge and is really proactive in helping me get results. And if you have TMJ – I highly recommend Jamin Rak Massage Therapy”– Briawna Clerici

“I cannot thank them enough!”

“Jamin Rak Massage Therapy restored me to a complete recovery, I now work full-time as a nurse and can fulfill all my normal responsibilities…. They changed my life back into a full and joyful recovery after a terrible car accident.”– Marcia Nielson RN, Masters in Nursing

“If you’ve injured yourself, and want your life and your body back, consider seeing a great sports massage therapist”

“Someone who was knowledgeable about the muscles, tendons, and joints affected my injury, how to rehab me without doing further damage, and encouraging me to continually improve. I found that, and much, much more in Jamin Rak Massage Therapy.“– Donald Flynn, CRNA – Nurse Anesthetist and happy customer!

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