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Meet our Therapist!

Who is Jamin Rak, LMT, BCMTB?

After graduating in 1998 from East-West College of the healing arts in Portland Oregon, Jamin passed the written board exam followed by the intense practical exam later that year. Jamin is now a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT #6827) and is also Nationally Board Certified (BCMTB #2001062). He started his practice in January of 1999. Since then he has been treating patients and clients for their pain relief! He started out in a Chiropractic setting and working as an assistant to the doctor to treat injuries sustained from car accidents, work and sports injuries. After 2 years he moved to a multi-discipline Physical Therapy clinic where he increased his knowledge of manual therapies alongside therapeutic exercises to increase patient recovery. Afterwards he continued his practice focusing on individual care without the entanglement of “high production” style clinics.

List of experience:

As a massage therapist in Portland, OR since 1999 he has been a professional member and insured through the American Massage Therapy Association with a perfect record of compliance. Insurance billing for car accidents and health insurance are just some of the many benefits provided. He continues to obtain vast experience in dealing with relieving pain symptoms related to headaches, migraines, whiplash, neck and back pains and TMJ disorder just to mention a few. Since 2005 Jamin has been able to combine his clinical experience in the fields of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy to give each client the individual time they need in order to decrease the recovery time from pain symptoms. What sets Jamin Rak, LMT apart from just any other Massage Therapist is the fact that experience like this is not taught in ANY school! One on one therapy and a deep devotion to his clients makes his clinic the ultimate in massage therapy treatments! Don’t settle for anything less!

Starting as a certified chiropractic assistant and lead massage therapist in January of 1999, Jamin learned advanced muscle therapy techniques that would speed up patient recovery from injuries related to car accidents and sports. Here he also learned the benefits of working together with other healthcare providers as he continues to do down to today! This experience gave him advanced abilities to access muscular and mechanical dysfunctions that may hinder recovery from your injuries. As a chiropractic assistant he would work side by side with Chiropractors treating hundreds of victims of car accidents and injuries related to work and sports. Here he saw how effective massage therapy was in conjunction with Chiropractic care. Not just liberating the muscle tissue, but the skeletal system as well. There he learned deep muscle tissue release techniques which were passed on to him by the multiple doctors working in the clinic. It was here that launched him into working with professional athletes at sporting events such as Subaru George Games and the Mt. Hood Vegetate Ski & Snowboard Competitions

Beginning in 2001 as a physical therapy aide, Jamin was instructed in the arts of exercise and stretching, while combining this with deep tissue massage therapy increased results incredibly. Here he also was able to treat 20+ patients a day, giving him a chance to increase his assessments skills! These skills of combining exercise, stretching with massage therapy proves invaluable with injury recovery! Sometimes working on 20+ patients a day he understood the value of exercise and stretching after the muscles had properly healed. He also increased in his understanding of joint mobility and proper use of trigger point therapy. He was able to work side by side with one of the areas premier Physical Therapists. He was tutored the art of proper body mechanics and structure, increasing his ability to assess the possible underlying problem. This helps him be more efficient at getting quick results.

After graduation, Jamin has spent over a hundred hours in continuing education. He has started his Board Certification program for Orthopedic Massage Therapy and has almost completed his program to be Certified in Advanced Myofascial Techniques. A short list of post graduation training Jamin has received are: Certificates of Advanced Myofascial Techniques of the “Neck, Jaw & Head”, “Arm, Wrist & Shoulder”, “Pelvis, Hip & Sacrum” along with specialty certificates in: “Headahces & Migraines”, “Sciatica & Disc Issues”, “TMJ Disorders” and “Assessment Technique for Injuries”.